The Peace and Security Funders Group was founded in 2000 by several large foundations in response to a need for greater communication and collaboration among funders working in the peace and security field, as well as a mechanism to encourage increased philanthropic activity in this area. 

This field of peace and security philanthropy is vast, encompassing diverse issues and stakeholder groups. However, all PSFG members are united in working towards a more peaceful, secure world. In addition, peace and security funders exert impact in ways that exceed the scope of their financial investments; they have outsized impact. With their $357 million in annual giving, peace and security funders contribute to monumental changes across the globe – from the historic Iran nuclear agreement to atrocity prevention in Africa. 

PSFG’s role in this space is to maintain an informed, engaged, and collegial community and increase its impact, all the while driving additional funding into the peace and security field. To this end, over the course of 2017 – 2019, PSFG will pursue the following three objectives:

  1. Provide opportunities for its members to share information and best practices, connect within and beyond PSFG, and seed collaborations.
  2. Create bridges between the philanthropic and public sectors by cultivating relationships, convening meetings, and brokering partnerships between PSFG members and policymaker peers around shared interests and goals.
  3. Nurture a healthy and robust organization by maintaining PSFG’s positioning and brand, especially through the annual Peace and Security Funding Index.

PSFG will continue to support its members through a set of capacity-building programs (e.g., Annual Meeting, Federal Policy Briefing, Working Groups, Task Forces, research) while experimenting with building intentional, strategic, and creative partnerships with policymaker peers around common priorities in order to advance a collaborative peace and security agenda.