The Peace and Security Funders Group is a network of foundations and individual philanthropists investing in peace and global security. We maintain an informed, engaged, and collegial community of funders. 


Peace & Security Funding Index 


In May 2019, PSFG and Candid (formerly Foundation Center and Guidestar) launched the fourth edition of the Peace and Security Funding Index and released a report on the Index’s key findings. In 2016, 326 foundations invested more than $328 million spread across 2,605 grants. Our research found that peace and security funders are making important contributions to global peace and stability, despite making up less than 1% of total foundation giving. To learn more, visit

2019 PSFG Annual meeting

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PSFG held its 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. with nearly 65 funders from 38 organizations attending. The meeting provided a space for funders to network, engage in conversations about grantmaking strategies, and address the deeper and more complex issues that inform their work. To read about the highlights from this year’s meeting, click here. To access the full meeting agenda, which includes likes to speaker bios, click here.

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