We are dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of philanthropy that's focused on peace and security issues. To this end, we facilitate the exchange of information and ideas; foster collaboration; and provide educational opportunities for our members. We also encourage new funders to join the field. 


2017 - 2019 Objectives

  1. Provide opportunities for members to share information and best practices, connect within and beyond PSFG, and seed collaborations.

  2. Create bridges between the philanthropic and public sectors by cultivating relationships, convening meetings, and brokering partnerships between PSFG members and policymaker peers around shared interests and goals.

  3. Nurture a healthy and robust organization by maintaining PSFG's positioning and brand, especially through the annual Peace and Security Funding Index.

In addition, PSFG will seek to catalyze a shift in our membership to embrace and implement a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable approach to peace and security funding; and build a case for why diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to increased effectiveness of peace and security grantmaking.