Israel/Palestine Peace Process Briefing and Resources

On November 20, we hosted a tele-briefing with PSFG members interested in the Israel/Palestine peace process. We heard from Noam Sheizaf, an independent Israeli journalist and CEO of +972 magazine and discussed follow-up to the recent PSFG learning trip to the region. PSFG members are invited to listen to this discussion, which included insights into how funders can positively be involved in this issue. Email PSFG Executive Director Alexandra Toma for a link to the recording.

Click here for a list of organizations doing work on the ground in Israel/Palestine.

Our trip partner - The Telos Group - has some helpful resources in their November 2013 newsletter, which can be found here. These include a "top 10" recommended readings on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an inspiring and practical TED talk focused on providing a simple recipe for approaching a discussion on Israel/Palestine.

In addition, the International Crisis Group recently released report, "Leap of Faith," which looks at Israel's small, but influential, national-religious community, which - ICG argues - needs to be engaged for a lasting peace.

Finally, for the sheer fun of it, check out the short video slideshow of highlights from the PSFG learning trip: