Syria Tele-Briefing and Resources

On September 4, PSFG hosted an expert tele-briefing on Syria and how philanthropists can address this deepening crisis. More than thirty PSFG members and partners joined to listen to Heather Hurlburt (National Security Network), Stephen Miles (Win Without War Coalition), and Sarah Holewinski (Center for Civilians in Conflict). Participants asked PSFG to both provide additional learning resources and to consider launching a roundtable on Syria and conflict prevention more generally. The goal of this roundtable could be for advocates and funders to better collaborate on preventing conflicts. If you're interested in helping shape this group, please contact PSFG Executive Director Alexandra Toma.

Below are a select number from the myriad resources available on Syria:

  • Article: "Are Chemical Weapons Reason Enough to Go To War?" A great primer from Mother Jones covering key facts about chemical weapons, the history of their use, and the debate over whether these weapons constitute a basis for military intervention.
  • Website: A new collection of essays on allows a experts to post their answers to questions about the ongoing crisis in Syria and what course of action the U.S. should take. Read the contributors’ answers, share with others, and consider for yourself what’s at stake. 
  • Press release: PSFG member the Jubitz Family Foundation and its War Prevention Initiative released a press release advocating for and outlining non-violent alternatives to Syria. Contact Patrick Hiller for more information on collaboration opportunities.
  • Article: "All the Previous Declarations of War." Congress has declared war 11 times and has authorized military force (without declaring war) 11 times as well. This timely piece from The Atlantic details those 22 examples that would serve as precedents for a possible resolution on Syria.

Human Rights First, "Syria Freedom"