Online Advocacy Campaigns

Do online petitions really have impact? On PSFG's September 8 webinar, Ben Brandzel, Founder and Director of the Online Progressive Engagement Network and former Advocacy Director for, and Sara Haghdoosti, Co-founder and CEO of, presented various case studies of impactful campaigns that brought online and offline organizing together to help achieve real world outcomes. They identified the key factors behind making online campaigns successful as well as what to look for and what to be weary of in the world of online organizing and digital advocacy.

A recording of the briefing is available for PSFG members. To request a copy of the recording, members should contact Rachel LaForgia

About the Speakers
Ben Brandzel is the Founder and Director of OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network), an alliance of the world's leading grassroots digital campaigning organizations. He's served as Advocacy Director for and Director of New Media Campaigns and Fundraising for Barack Obama's Organizing for America. He's a founding board member and former Senior Campaigner at and the Chief Founding Advisor for UK's 

Sara Haghdoosti is the co-founder and CEO of a movement to help unlock the potential of Iranian change makers that has over 55,000 members. She has served as the Head of Community Campaigning for GetUp Australia, an innovation fellow for the Citizen's Engagement Lab and an She was the national recruitment director for the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and helped lead Australia's first youth climate summit.