Women's Engagement in Peacemaking and Peacebuilding: Gathering Funder Feedback on Research Gaps

On December 2, PSFG held a tele-briefing with One Earth Future Foundation (OEF), a research and operating foundation with an overall mandate of supporting good global governance in the interest of peace. OEF is developing an area of focus looking at how women’s engagement in peacemaking and peacebuilding can support peace and is soliciting advice from PSFG members about what research would be most valuable to funders in women, peace and security work or in peace and security work more broadly. The tele-briefing was an initial step in the development of this project, and aimed to:

  • Introduce OEF’s assessment of existing research on women’s engagement in peacebuilding and peacemaking, and solicit advice for making this more comprehensive.
  • Review PSFG’s existing research on the funding landscape for women, peace, and security work, with the goal of identifying current priorities and holes.
  • Solicit advice and discussion about what research would be most valuable to funders in women, peace, and security work or peace and security work more broadly.

This briefing and discussion were led by Dr. Conor Seyle, Deputy Director, Research and Development, at One Earth Future Foundation in partnership with PSFG member and WPS Working Group co-chair Cynda Collins Arsenault

Members who were unable to attend but would like to give their feedback to Dr. Seyle and/or who would like a recording of the briefing should contact Rachel LaForgia.