Killer Robots

On April 16, PSFG held an expert tele-briefing on full autonomous weapons. Fully autonomous weapons (or “killer robots”) do not yet exist, but some view them as desirable and - even - inevitable. Unlike drones, killer robots won't have a human involved; the weapon itself would make decisions about what to target and when to fire.Experts have launched a coordinated global campaign calling for a pre-emptive international prohibition on the development, production, and use of killer robots. In the past year, dozens of governments have begun to express concerns about these weapons and will be holding the first structured, multilateral discussions on this issue in May. 

The tele-briefing featured Cora Weiss, Samuel Rubin Foundation,  Stephen Goose, Executive Director of the Arms Division at Human Rights Watch, and Paul Scharre, a Fellow and Project Director for the 20YY Warfare Initiative at the Center for a New American Security

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