The three values below underpin the Peace and Security Funders Group’s work to enhance the effectiveness of peace and security philanthropy.


We believe that a more peaceful world is possible. We employ a variety of strategies and efforts to build peace; prevent, mitigate, and resolve conflict; and create stable, resilient societies. We support leaders and organizations that transform local, national, and global policies and systems in pursuit of peace. We believe that the people and communities who are most affected by conflict are integral to peace and, as such, seek to amplify their voices, agency, and leadership. We seek to do no harm and to support the grantees and communities we serve in ways that are responsive to their needs and considerate of the local context.

Community and Collaboration

We strive to foster a diverse and inclusive community of funders committed to building a more peaceful world. We welcome and encourage conversations and critical debate across differing perspectives. In order to create a community of practice, we participate in conversations, meetings, and events whenever possible; we build relationships to advance the work of our grantees; and we connect our partners and grantees with others who may be able to advance their work. 

Learning and Growth

We share our knowledge, techniques, experiences, and resources with others so that they can learn from our community of peace and security funders. We are committed to listening and learning from one another, including from colleagues whose perspective or experience is different than our own. We encourage respectful dialogue and discussion in order to build stronger support for and momentum to achieve a more peaceful world. We are open to having difficult conversations that may lead to the positive transformation of our organizations, funding practices, and the field. We are not afraid to try new things. We adopt best practices from other grantmakers in our field and, when possible, seek to apply best practices of other fields to our work.