The Budget Working Group is a joint affinity group effort that brings together funders from the Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce, Funders' Committee for Civic Participation's Money in Politics Working Group, and PSFG who are interested in exploring the unequal dynamics of wealth, power and influence in America through the lens of the federal budget.


Vision: We envision a world free of conflict and atrocities.

Mission: To build a community of funders dedicated to supporting the prevention of mass atrocities and conflict.


  1. To build a network of funders who are actively coordinating with each other and supporting an international field of practice to prevent conflict and mass atrocities.
  2. To expand the resources available for conflict and atrocities prevention activities.
  3. To effectively engage as a funding community in actions to prevent and respond to conflict and mass atrocities.

This working group is run in partnership with the International Human Rights Funders Group and is currently finalizing its mission and strategic plan. To join the WG, contact Rachel LaForgia. 

Gender and Conflict

Vision: Sustainable peace and human security are possible only when those who shape policy include women and other affected groups in the prevention and resolution of violent conflict.

Mission: Educate funders on the importance of including women and gender issues within “peace and security” so that they increase their funding for these issues and are better informed, more impactful peace and security funders.


  1. Increase the awareness of the role of women in the peace and security issue-area.
  2. Help build the field of “women, peace and security,” with a particular focus on other funder affinity
    groups and the PSFG. Within the PSFG, wherever possible, include a gender lens.
  3. Identify specific national and international policy moments where the Women and Conflict WG can play a role.

Locally-Led Peacebuilding

This working group invites dialogue and information sharing and hosts events that help funders more effectively understand, support and advocate for locally-led peacebuilding.


The goal of the Nuclear Funders Working Group is to share information around grantmaking and programs, and strategize around challenges and opportunities in the nuclear field.




Operating Foundations 

This working group provides a platform of communication and information-sharing for PSFG member organizations that are legally designated as operating foundations. The working group shares strategies for how to work with partners, monitor and evaluate impact, communicate about their work, and more. 

Preventing Violence 

This working group gathers PSFG members to discuss issues of preventing, mitigating, and countering violent extremism. This is a platform for information-sharing on issues including counterterrorism, radicalization, and community-led efforts to prevent violence.