The Peace and Security Funders Group is a network of public, private and family foundations, and individual philanthropists who make grants or expenditures that contribute to peace and global security. We maintain an informed, engaged and collegial community of funders, whose numbers and investments in the field are steadily increasing. 


Launching the Peace & Security Funding Index 

In April 2016, PSFG and Foundation Center launched the first-ever Peace and Security Funding Index and released a report on the Index’s key findings. In 2013, 288 foundations supported over 1,200 organizations with more than $283 million spread across nearly 2,000 grants. Our research found that peace and security funders are making important contributions to global peace and stability, despite making up less than 1% of total foundation giving. To learn more, visit

2017 Annual Meeting &   Federal Policy Briefing

Our 2017 Annual Meeting and Federal Policy Briefing will be held May 2-5 in Washington, DC.

Registration now open. 

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