PSFG 2.0: Collaborating for Impact

PSFG is building on its 14 years of experience and working to implement a newly-revamped strategic plan. Over the coming years, PSFG will more effectively serve its membership and have a greater positive impact in the field of peace and security through:

  • facilitating the exchange of information and ideas;
  • fostering collaboration between peace and security funders; and
  • by increasing the number of funders engaged in peace and security philanthropy.

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the good, the bad & the ugly:

The Role of Funders in Conflict

Over the course of last year, PSFG convened a series of conversations around the role of funders in conflict. Our white paper and accompanying chart summarize these discussions, and recommend next steps to improve the efficacy of funders working in conflict and post-conflict settings. Our "top tips" (above) can also be found here.

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